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Auto Escape

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In case of emergency, you can use your Auto Escape tool to break the window. Remove the cap, press the trigger of the firing pin against the window until it clicks. Includes a distress whistle and seat belt cutter to cut the seat belt.

This is a new mini multi-functional emergency tool. Use as a key ring and replace existing bulky life-saving hammer products.

Extremely reliable. The unique design of the striker allows it to have a very large explosive force, even when using underwater, window glass can be crushed. To escape, press the firing pin and push hard on the window glass to shatter and escape.


  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • Emergency Distress Whistle
  • Emergency Window Escape Tool
  • Small Profile, Easy to Carry With You
  • Solid Construction
  • Keychain

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Auto Escape

This awesome little tool is an invaluable part of your survival plan that fits perfectly into your glove compartment and might just save your life.

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